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A violently sexy coming-of-age tale. 

Join Erica as she struggles to finish high school and tries to figure out how to matter in her small suburban town. 

The dark days of adolescence are back. 

Saudade is Portuguese word that has no translation into English but means longing for something absent.


Written and performed by Caitlin McCarthy

Directed by Katrina Darychuk

Designed by Rae Takei

Saudade began at the 2013 One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab and continued development through the 2014 ONSITE Program at the Vancouver Fringe Festival under the leadership of The Only Animal‘s Kendra Fanconi.

Saudade was first performed at the Victoria Fringe Festival (VCM Wood Hall) in August 2014, and then remounted site specifically in a classroom at Arts Umbrella in September 2014 for the Vancouver Fringe Festival.


Eight girls with one important thing in common confront the problems that affect today’s young and modern woman, like grad school,

STIs and recycling.

This reluctant cabaret combines traditional theatre with burlesque, electroclash, thesis presentation, musical theatre, stand-up comedy,

slam poetry, performance art, and country music to create an exciting new kind of show for neurotic twentysomethings everywhere. All

the single ladies, put your hands up!


Written by Johnnie & Courtney Walker

Directed by Katrina Darychuk

Designed by Rae Takei

Stage Managed by Stephanie Elgersma



Joy Castro

Leslie Dos Remedios

Jennica Grienke

Katey Hoffman

Cheyenne Mabberley

Caitlin McCarthy

Pandora Morgan

Alannah Turner


May 31 – June 2, 2013 at Little Mountain Gallery

* This show was originally produced in 2009 by Nobody’s Business Theatre – check out details and watch a trailer of the original at

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