Scratch by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman

Havana Theatre June 4-13, 2015

Deepest Darkest

Written and performed by Caitlin McCarthy

Toronto Fringe Festival July 1-12, 2015



Havana Theatre    June 3-14, 2015

Written by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman

Directed by Genevieve Fleming

Featuring Stephanie Izsak and Caitlin McCarthy

Being a teenager is hard enough. Add to the mix a persistent case of head-lice, raging hormones, and a terminally ill mother? It becomes impossible.

When fifteen-year-old Anna is told that her mother is dying of cancer, she responds the only way she knows how: by ignoring the issue. Friends and family are unable to understand her reaction and Anna is increasingly frustrated by their attempts to help her. And she can’t stop itching.

Told by Anna with assistance from her best friend, father, aunt, and her dying mother, Scratch is a moving and candid coming-of-age tale about grief from all angles. Things don’t always go the way we want them to or the way we think they will.


Toronto Fringe Festival     July 1-12 2015

Written and Performed by Caitlin McCarthy

Directed by Katrina Darychuk

A fun, violently sexy coming-of-age tale.

Join Erica as she struggles to finish high school and tries to figure out how to matter in her small suburban town.

The dark days of adolescence are back.

This show was previously titled Saudade and began development at One Yellow Rabbit’s 2013 Summer Lab and continued through the Onsite Program at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, which is facilitated by Kendra Fanconi of The Only Animal.